My Favorite Protein Supplement!

Raw Protein Vanilla Shrink_LR_RGB (2) Protein shakes are a great way to fuel your muscles before and especially after a good work out.  I have tried several proteins out there but always felt conflicted when I turned the tub around to look at the nutritional information.  I would find a list of ingredients that I could not pronounce.   I knew that there had to be a healthier, more natural option out there so I started to do some research.  That’s when I came across Garden of Life’s Raw Protein. The great thing about Raw Protein is that it is appropriate for those that are on a vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, or gluten free diet.   It’s also great for those that are on a low carb diet.  Not only are you getting 17 grams of plant derived protein, but you are also getting live probiotics and enzymes which are imperative for a healthy, well functioning gut,  Everything in this protein powder is non-GMO, raw, and organic.   Its also loaded with fat-soluble vitamins and nutrients such as Beta-glucans, SOD, glutathione, amino acids, and CoQ10.   I love how great I feel since I have included into my diet!


There are several flavors to choose from including chocolate, vanilla chai, yerba mate, coffee, and my personal favorite, vanilla.  I love to put a scoop in my blender along with some unsweetened vanilla almond milk and a couple cups of frozen, unsweetened berries.   It makes a wonderful breakfast or post work out snack,   My son Noah LOVES it when I make a little extra smoothie for him.

If you are interested in trying Garden of Life’s protein powder but don’t know where to find it, click here on the link before to find the closest retailer near you.   Raw Protein can be found at Whole Foods and Campbell’s Nutrition.

Have any of you tried Garden of Life Raw Protein?  If so, what is your favorite way to prepare it?

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