Whole30 Tabouli

I’m back!  It’s been way too long but between having a baby, starting a new job, and keeping up with my 12 year old’s schedule, its been a little busy.  Life has been great though and I have no complaints!
I will admit.  My eating got off track a bit.  Then I kinda fell back into some old eating habits again and started consuming more sugar that I care to admit.  I started another round of Whole30 again and today is officially Day 12!  Woohooo!  It’s been a very successful Whole30 so far…especially since my husband chose not to participate with me.  This is my first Whole30 alone.  I also caught a nasty stomach bug last week which was an interesting twist.  Instead of the typical gluten free toast or crackers and 7 up, it was plain baked sweet potato and La Croix.  I learned a great lesson through that experience!  At any rate, I am feeling better and I am excited to share this new recipe I came up with earlier in the week.
Tabouli is a delicious, Mediterranean dish that is traditionally used with bulgar wheat, couscous, or sometimes quinoa.  I love this dish because its incredibly refreshing and packed full with flavor due to the large amounts of fresh herbs and lemon juice used.  The tomatoes and cucumbers at as sponges absorbing these flavors, too!  So it came to me that I could used cauliflower rice instead of a grain.  With this thought in mind, I had to test it out.  I’m so glad that I did because it has instantly become on of my favorite Whole30 dishes.  All week long (when I wasn’t sick that is) I took some tabouli for lunch along with some chicken in a separate container.  I would heat up the chicken and then add it to the tabouli in a bowl.  This has become my new favorite lunch.  I can definitely see me making this as a side dish to share at a BBQ this summer.

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Whole30 Challenge: Week 1 Menu

Whole 30 Challenge: Week 1 Menu  www.eatmovelivelove.com

The holiday season has come and gone.  It’s time to get eating habits back on track again!  Starting February 2nd (the day after the Super Bowl) I challenge you to join me in completing the Whole30.

What is the Whole30?  30 days of real food.  No sugar.  No grains.  No alcohol.  No dairy.  No Legumes.  Just real, whole foods.  Eating this way for 30 days is a great way to build healthy eating habits and allow our bodies to run the way they are supposed to.  At the end of the 30 days, we will slowly reintroduce some of the “no-no” foods mentioned above which will allow you to know what your body can and cannot digest. Continue Reading